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Coast Youth for Change in collaboration with Sweet Mother International is implementing the campaign to Save African Women from Pregnancy Related-Deaths (SAVE) in Kenya, Coast.

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SMI Team visits Kakamega girls orphanage

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On 18 September 2010, the SMI-Kakamega team  paid a visit to Kakamega Girls Orphanage Home. According to Sister  Lucy Mandera, the purpose of the visit was to 'share with the girls and staffs about Sweet Mother International; particularly,  to involve them in our Junior Achievement programme. The programme aims to engage actively with the youths, helping them to acquire trade skills and  introducing them to business. At the Orphanage, we encourage the girls and thought them how to weave table mats, bread chickens and grow vegetables.' 


Below are the pictures taken during our visit, highlighting some of the activities we shared with them:

Here SMI-Kakamega Youth leader Shadrack is seen showing the girls how to weave
In the middle is Sister Lucy Mandera, SMI-Kakamega  Projects Coordinator,   and far left is the coordinator incharge of the youths office  and far right in red blouse is the matron caring for the girls at the Kakamega Orphanage home.  A seminar is being held inside the tent on the left teach the girls  how to do business


One of the SMI Team members is showing the girls how to weave tablemats and where  to sell  the finished products. This project will enable the girls gain skills and earn some money.


 Here, the SMI Team also teaches the girls how to  breed chickens locally and grow them very fast for selling







The lady in blue skirt suit is the project co-ordinator, Mrs lucy mandera and far right in red blouse is the matron to the Orphanage. Here, the SMI team  displays some of the few things they brought to the school for the girls to use.







SMI Team champions maternal health programs in rural Kenya

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SMI Team creates awareness and meets with community leaders

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Report by Sister Lucy Mandera, SMI Coordinator:


On the 30 September 2010, we had an awareness programme at the Unit whereby the Councillor and the Chief also attended the meeting. They were so much impressed and requested Madam Lucy to keep up the good works; and take awareness up to the District level.    The Public Health  Officer in black suit also attended the meeting and gave a word encouragement.

The Area Councillor, Mrs. Rose Asava in red dress pose for a photograph outside the Unit; with her from the Left is the Chief of the area and his wife, Gladys, in grey coat. On the right in black suit is the Public health Officer and in Blue skirt is Sister Lucy Mandera, SMI Coordinator

The Chairman of the project Zebedayo Siminyu in blue suit join hands with the pregnant mothers far left; laughing is Sister Lucy


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