SMI Team creates awareness and meets with community leaders

Post date: Oct 15, 2009 8:20:38 PM



Report by Sister Lucy Mandera, SMI Coordinator:


On the 30 September 2010, we had an awareness programme at the Unit whereby the Councillor and the Chief also attended the meeting. They were so much impressed and requested Madam Lucy to keep up the good works; and take awareness up to the District level.    The Public Health  Officer in black suit also attended the meeting and gave a word encouragement.






The Area Councillor, Mrs. Rose Asava in red dress pose for a photograph outside the Unit; with her from the Left is the Chief of the area and his wife, Gladys, in grey coat. On the right in black suit is the Public health Officer and in Blue skirt is Sister Lucy Mandera, SMI Coordinator






The Chairman of the project Zebedayo Siminyu in blue suit join hands with the pregnant mothers far left; laughing is Sister Lucy